Installation instructions for Beta version

Note that the executable must be in a path where there is a folder called FOG containing all data files (downloadable here).
There should be the file user.ini in the main folder to activate initial settings (included in the module).

For Linux :

Note that you should need at least glu 1.2, and Qt 3.1

If your a developper, you can do a cvs checkout from sourceforge (see cvs instructions),
Then run povama

For Windows :

If you're a developper, you should install wincvs, to do your checkout, or proceed with cygwin (see cvs instructions).

Note that you will need Visual-C++ and the Qt library to compile the source code.

In, change the line:
TEMPLATE = vcapp
in order to generate a visual c++ dsp file instead of a makefile.

Then run povama.exe

Installation instructions for Alpha version

As POVAMA uses the Glui for interface purpose, you need to install and compile it before you can compile POVAMA source code.
OpenGL library can be installed along with glut and glu (glu version must be at least 1.3) if you install MESA (the version 5.0.1 is easier to install). Then don't forget to update the library and include paths in the povama makefile.

1)download MESA v5.0.1
2)download Glui v2.1
3)Install and make both
4)download POVAMA sources
5)modify library path and include path in the makefile
6)make POVAMA
7)launch it, using for instance : povama -f bildet.dat